The Newest Buttercloud Employees!

After receiving a sizable pile of resumes we decided to hire not one, but two excellent employees to help Ellen out in the kitchen. Please join us in welcoming Erica and Kristen to Team Buttercloud! With their help we hope to add to our selection of quality baked goods and specialty desserts in the near future. Look for our March dessert specials to be announced here soon.

To help you get to know them better I had them answer a series of quick questions.


Waffle or wafer cone? Waffle
Spider or snake? Snake
Unicorn or unicycle? Unicorn
Spicy, medium or mild? Spicy
Cotton candy or kettle corn? Cotton Candy
Milk chocolate or dark chocolate? Milk
Beach or ski slopes? Beach
Sunrise or sunset? Sunrise
Scrabble or Monopoly? Scrabble
Tulip or daffodil? Daffodil


Paisley or plaid? Plaid
Skydive or scuba dive? Scuba Dive
Coconut or pineapple? Pineapple
Ping pong or badminton? Ping pong
Monkeys in clothes or dogs playing poker? Monkeys in clothes
Bats or rats? Bats
Movies or concerts? Concerts
Red hat or red pants? Red pants
Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars
Motorcycle or horseback? Motorcycle

We also asked Tiffany (click her name to see our original welcome post), our first employee who we hired in December, some questions as well and here are her answers:

Pasta or pizza? Pasta
Comedy or action? Comedy
Worms or beetles? Worms
Pot bellied pig or guinea pig? Guinea pig
DVD or movie theater? DVD
Rose or daisy? Rose
High heels or sandals? High heels
Ninja or pirate? Ninja
Handstands or cartwheels? Handstands
Blimp or hot air balloon? Hot air balloon